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Solar Systems

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How do solar energy systems work?

Solar energy systems are made up of solar panels, which activate an electrical current flow when hit with direct sunlight. That current is controlled and regulated by an inverter, which converts it into the type of energy used by household appliances (from direct current to alternating current). The energy system also consists of an electrical panel, which distributes the power to your home; any excess electricity can be sent from the panel back into LP&L’s grid.

How much electricity can a solar energy system generate?

What happens with a solar energy system at night and on cloudy days?

What happens with a solar energy system during power outages?

How long is the payback period on a solar energy system?

How long do solar energy systems last?

How much does a solar energy system cost?

Are there incentives and tax credits for installing solar energy systems?

How can I know if a solar energy system will work on my house?

How do I get started with solar?

Does LP&L partner with any solar companies or installers?

Where do I go to get a permit/inspection for installation?

What information does LP&L need from me if I’m going to install a solar energy system?

Will I still receive an electric bill if I have a solar energy system?

What is net metering, and how will it appear on my bill?

Will LP&L buy any excess energy I produce with a solar energy system?

What happens if I produce more energy than I use?

What is the largest system allowed to be installed by a LP&L residential customer?