Lubbock Power & Light

Scam Prevention

Beware of utility scams targeting electric customers nationwide

There has been a wave of utility scams targeting electric customers across the nation. Please read on and be prepared if a scammer contacts you.

Pushy scammers will contact customers to obtain payment for a supposed past-due charge. Scammers may also threaten to shut off service if payment is not received. LP&L does not conduct business door-to-door; LP&L will never contact customers over the phone or in person to request credit card information or threaten immediate termination of power service. 

If you suspect an interaction with a scammer has occurred, contact us at 806-775-2509.

See the chart below for common scam situations:

Whats Scammers Do What You Need to Know

A scammer posing as an LP&L employee contacts customers, threatening to turn off power if payment is not sent within a short time frame (commonly within the hour).

Scammers request immediate payment. LP&L will never contact customers for immediate payment over the phone. If you receive a call demanding immediate payment over the phone, DO NOT PAY. Hang up and call 806-775-2509 to report the incident.

Scammers send emails to utility customers prompting customers to view bills online and make a payment. Links in the emails go to a scam site where hackers try to steal passwords and bank information.

LP&L sends emails to customers when their online statement is ready to be viewed. This is a courtesy to inform customers they may log on to the customer portal through to view their online statement. Unless you have signed up to receive the LP&L newsletter or have a statement that is ready to be viewed online, LP&L will never contact you via email regarding balances or payments. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS IF YOU RECEIVE AN EMAIL SIMILAR TO THE ONE DESCRIBED.

Scammers send a text message that appears to be from LP&L stating power will be turned off unless payment is received. The text will include a link to ‘pay your bill’.

LP&L will not contact customers via text regarding past due amounts or balances on your account. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS if you receive a text similar to the one described.

Scammers go to customers’ homes to collect payment to ‘keep the power on’ or make repairs to equipment. Businesses may be targeted during peak hours of operations, so business owners are distracted.

LP&L will never make in-person visits to collect payment. LP&L will send out reminder notices, employ automated courtesy calls and alert customers to past due amounts by mail. There may be instances where you will see an LP&L employee in the field but all employees are required to wear official LP&L uniforms that include proper identification. If you feel threatened by an individual claiming to be an LP&L employee that does not have proper identification, call 911.

Scammers can ‘hijack’ legitimate business numbers, so the number the number that shows up on caller ID appears to be from a reputable business. The scammer will try to obtain any credit card or banking information.

If you receive a call you suspect to be a fraudulent use of business numbers, contact the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at 1-888-225-5322 and the local police. You may also contact LP&L directly at 806-775-2509.

Scammers contact homeowners about solar energy systems, falsely stating a relationship with LP&L.

LP&L has not authorized any third party to contact its customers concerning renewable energy products or promotions. Thoroughly check a company’s credentials before signing any agreement or providing any payment information. You may also contact LP&L directly at 806-775-2509 to speak to a customer service representative about renewable energy opportunities.

Scam operators offer cash in exchange for the opportunity to give an in-home ‘pitch’ on energy-saving programs or services that do not exist.

LP&L will never do unsolicited in-home pitches of any kind and do not employ third party companies to solicit customers about energy efficiency programs. If you feel threatened, call 911.

Customers are sent letters containing a check and request customers call and ‘verify’ receipt of the check. The phone number is usually an expensive per-minute play, placing callers on hold to collect excessive charges.

Even if the LP&L logo appears authentic, know that LP&L does not issue checks and request verification. Trying to process a check of any amount may put your financial information at risk and lead to identity theft. If your receive a promotion similar to the one described, contact LP&L directly at 806-775-2509 or contact local police

Under no circumstances will LP&L make the types of calls or offers listed above, nor do we ask for these methods of payment over the phone.

Protect yourself from scammers:

  • Call LP&L at 806-775-2509 to obtain accurate information about your account or to identify LP&L employees.
  • Never give your credit or debit card number or other personal information to any caller or visitor without knowing their true identity.
  • Sign up at and manage your accounts online 24/7.
  • Know how to identify LP&L Employees:
    • LP&L employees always wear company uniforms.
    • LP&L employees always wear Identification badges.
    • LP&L employees identify themselves and the purpose of their visit.
    • LP&L employees drive company vehicles permanently marked with the LP&L name and logo.

We cannot guarantee our customers will not be contacted by scammers, but working together we can ensure our customers know how to protect themselves in the event of scam situation.