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Advanced Meters

Lubbock Power & Light (LP&L) is committed to investing in technology that improves customer service, increases efficiency and accuracy, and helps customers better manage their own personal energy usage.

Upgrading LP&L’s system with advanced meters brings four main benefits to LP&L customers:

1. Improves customer service 

  • Reduces errors in billing and eliminates the need for a manual re-read process
  • Increases efficiency in addressing customer inquiries and in coordinating turn-on service for new and current customers
  • Increases customer support capabilities and expands customer service options

2. Empowers customers

  • Provides accurate, real-time data so customers can track and better manage their electric use
  • Allows customers to log on to a new interactive portal to:
     -   Set electric usage alerts
     -   Select billing statement dates
     -   Identify patterns of high use and make adjustments during the month, rather than after they receive a bill

3. Improves outage management

  • Automatically alerts LP&L to outages, even before a customer reports them
  • Automatically identifies the location and source of the outage
  • Reduces time required to restore power to all affected customers

4. Enhances reliability

  • Allows LP&L to accurately and efficiently forecast Lubbock’s current and future energy needs
  • Provides new data to help determine when and where LP&L should make investments in the system to meet Lubbock’s growing energy demand
  • Decreases the possibility of surges, brownouts and blackouts by identifying faults in the system and allowing for preventative maintenance

As the municipal provider of electricity for the City of Lubbock, LP&L strives to provide its customers with the same advantages of modern metering technology currently enjoyed by Texans all over the state, including members of our neighboring electric provider South Plains Electric Cooperative.

Some of the Texas cities that have implemented advanced meters include Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, San Marcos, Bryan, Georgetown, Kerrville, Seguin and Fredericksburg.


Advanced meters contain communication modules designed to upgrade and enhance customer service and customer experience, but LP&L respects the decision of customers who prefer not to use this technology.  

Customers choosing to receive a new meter without a communication module may do so with the inclusion of an initial opt-out charge and set monthly fee to cover the cost of manual meter reading and monitoring.


What are LP&L’s plans regarding advanced electric meters?

LP&L will install advanced meters to replace the current electric meters, which are aging and need to be upgraded.

This investment in technology will allow our customers more control over their electricity use. The new meters will provide customers with near real-time data on their electricity use and allow them to better manage their monthly bills.

Lubbock is joining the ranks of other growing Texas cities that have implemented advanced meters including Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, San Marcos, Bryan, Georgetown, Kerrville, Seguin and Fredericksburg. Advanced metering technology is also utilized by members of our neighboring electric provider, South Plains Electric Cooperative.

Why are we getting new meters?

How does the new technology work?

How can I access the data on my electricity use?

What type of alerts can I set up?

Will the installation of advanced meters mean I will get charged for more electric consumption than I do today?

Is LP&L installing the new meters to implement time-of-use pricing?

Will the new meters help with incorrect meter reading?

Will customer data and information be secure while transmitting electric meter reads?

Can customers opt out and continue using their old meters?

Are the new meters safe for me and my family?

Do advanced meters pose an increased risk to my home or business?

How long will these new meters last?